15 Ocak 2009


This image is very good to see the killers.!!
Bu resme çok iyi bakın katiller.!!

Killer israil

UN sources said the blaze was started by Israeli shells containing white phosphorus, the controversial material used to create a smokescreen for advancing troops.
Eye witnesses said the tank advance led to thousands of civilians fleeing on foot, some seeking shelter in the nearby al-Quds hospital.
Under the rules of war, white phosphorus can only be used in open spaces away from large civilian populations.

all of you, baby killer

There have been repeated allegations in Gaza that civilians have suffered disfiguring burn injuries after being hit by white phosphorus.
The UN compound housed the headquarters and logistical centre of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, the group that feeds and supports about a million refugees inside Gaza.
Chris Gunness, spokesman for UNRWA, said three members of staff had been injured.
"Three white phosphorus shells have hit the compound and right now the pallets on which we are meant to deliver aid are on fire," he said.


"What more powerful symbol can there be than pallets used for aid being set alight by the fighting? With white phosphorus you cannot put out the flames with water. You need sand and right now there is too much fighting for our staff to get sand."
A UN spokesman said the organisation was in contact with the Israeli army to request a local ceasefire to allow the fire to be put out but without success.
The tank probe into Tel El Howa is the deepest penetration yet by Israeli forces into Gaza City.

Obama for World peace efforts.


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